Expat Properties — Land acquisition cost fully paid but registration not done or refund.

Sandeep20 22nd of May 2022 Pune, Maharashtra, India

I was approached by expat properties.

Dubai office while I was employed in Dubai. In 2014. I was introduced to the project Mystic hills CLP 2 & i paid for 2 plots of 2000 swt each & an advance booking amount for 2 plots in their Expat Samruddhi project in Nagothane. I gave PDC for 10 lakhs INR for mystic hills plots & 1+ lakhs INR for samruddhi project. I was told that the development is in progress & the plots would be registered in 6 months from then, in June 2015. All my cheques were cleared in time. Until then their Dubai office executives were in touch. Later i was told that a relationship manager was assigned to me & he would call me from their Indian office. Meanwhile in 2017 i moved back to India & informed their office my new address & contact numbers. Upon enquiring everytime I was told to wait for 6 months as there was delay due to RERA, etc. Later i was informed via mail & phone call that the company has decided to pay us an interest of +2% higher than market rate for the amounts we had already paid & a document was sent to me to sign I return. This document had all incorrect information which i i formed the, but did not sign I return it. Time passed & pandemic happened. Everytime I called their office there was either no response or their mobile were out of reach or switched off & excuses came up saying that the staff was working from home & few do not have mobile connectivity for which these issues were cropping up. I have been trying to send mail & call their offices but with no response or success. My hard earned money to the tune of INR. 11+ lakhs is stuck since mid 2014.

Can anyone give us the correct information if these plots would ever be registered in our name & by when or what would happen to the amount paid?